10 Tips for Getting Professional Results at Home with Retinol

Don’t lie about your age. Let your retinol do it for you! 

It’s time to reverse the mistakes of your earlier days. You know the ones…. tanning beds, baby oil, tanning on roof tops, sleeping with makeup on, never wearing SPF. ​

Sounds like a big job to do, doesn’t it?  Well, the good news is that all the magic happens while you sleep!

In the evening before you go to bed, begin by cleansing and prepping the skin exactly like you do in the morning. Cleansing and toning at night can be even more important because you’re removing dirt, oil, and makeup from the day. Make sure you are doing a thorough because there are a lot of things happening with the skin during the day.

You can use the same products for cleansing and toning that you used in the morning. 

Following your cleansing routine comes…

drumroll …  

… game-changing RETINOL. Retinol really is the super star of anti-aging. It’s the one ingredient every skin professional will recommend for an anti-aging routine. 

Why? Because retinol changes the way skin cells are shaped, formed, and function. This is the one single step that tricks your skin into behaving like it did when you were younger. 


Retinol is recommended for fine lines, pores, texture, brown spots, and acne. 

How can one ingredient correct so many different conditions? It’s because it truly works on a cellular level and changes the way your skin behaves. ​

Retinol is a power house ingredient but as much as skin professionals love it, it takes a little thought and strategy to begin. When you first begin a retinol program, it can cause redness, flaking, and burning on the skin. This IS NOT your skin having a reaction. This is what happens when your skin is acclimating to the product and we call it the retinol uglies! It’s annoying but it’s not harmful to your skin and you can avoid irritation with a few tips:

  1. Think of retinol like a medicine and not a moisturizer. More is not better and 1 pump is all you need for the full face.

  2. Begin your retinol regimen by using two nights a week. I want you to actually choose your nights so you stay on track. I usually recommend Sunday and Wednesday nights to begin. On other nights, use a gentle moisturizer.

  3. Once you use for a couple of weeks, see how your skin is doing. If you’re not experiencing irritation, move to 3 nights a week. I recommend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to keep it simple.

  4. What’s the most important thing when building a retinol program is you create your own recipe. You increase at your own pace until you can use every night without irritation.

  5. You can also mix one pump of retinol with a moisturizer and it will help you tolerate it better initially. You can also try the sandwich method which is applying moisturizer first, then retinol, then moisturize again as your final step.

  6. When applying, begin on the outer perimeter of the face and then blend inwards. Irritation usually shows itself around the nose and mouth so don’t place the product in that area first.

  7. If your skin is too irritated, you can completely discontinue the retinol until your skin returns to normal and then re-introduce slower. Everyone responds so differently to retinol. Some people start retinol and can use every night a month later with zero irritation. Others use once a week and still get peeling. The point is to stay consistent even if you’re not using it often.

  8. Retinol comes in different strengths, so begin at .5% and once you can use that every night without irritation move up to 1%.

  9. Start young! You can begin a retinol program in your twenties and stay on it for life. Again, this is one of those things you’ll thank me for later :)

  10. If an evening routine is difficult for you because you get too tired, do it early! There is no rule that a nigh time routine needs to be done right before bed. If that’s the reason you’re not consistent, make a new habit of doing your bedtime routine early in the evening before you get too tired and lazy to wash your face. I personally usually have all my skincare done by 7 or 8pm at night.

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