Retinol .5% CE


Retinol formulated with Vitamin C and E to maximize the effectiveness of retinol's anti-aging benefits.  It dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases, as well as brightens the skin.

- Stimulates cellular regeneration as well as collagen and elastin production improving skin tone and texture.

- Counteracts photoaging effects of UV damage

- Helps to normalize the physiology of the skin, making it healthier and more radiant

Toni's tips for beginning a retinol regimen:

- Begin 1 - 2 nights a week and combine with a moisturizer to reduce dryness and irritation.  Only use 1 pump.  More is not better with retinol.  More just leads to irritation and decreases the chance of you using retinol consistently.  

- After a couple of weeks without irritation, increase your usage and try to reach the goal of 5-7.  This is going to be very different for every individual.  Increase at your own pace.

- Use the sandwich method and apply moisturizer first, then 1 pump of retinol, and a final layer of moisturizer.  

- If you experience the retinol uglies (dryness, flaking, redness, burning), completely discontinue the use of retinol completely until your skin goes balances out and goes back to normal.  Then reintroduce retinol back into your routine at a slower pace.

- The normal signs of irritation are around the mouth and nose, so apply 1 pump and apply beginning at the outer perimeter of the face.  

- Wearing an SPF daily is an absolute must when using retinol!  

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